Legacy 145

Legacy 145

Wears Valley Ranch has an established history of pointing children in crisis to the truth of the gospel. This is accomplished through providing a loving and safe home-life, a tutorial and individualized education, and biblical counseling. Since its beginning, the Ranch has operated with no debt or government assistance.

One of the children helped by the Ranch came from a home where both parents were sentenced to prison for selling drugs. Shortly after their incarceration, his grandmother who was caring for him died unexpectedly. Through gifts to the Ranch, this seven-year-old child was given a safe place to live, an exceptional education, counseling and the chance to hear about a Heavenly Father who loves him. With God's help and thanks to you, this child will break the cycle of drugs in his family, trust in Jesus, and be a light to others.

As one of our donors have stated: "For years, my husband and I supported various organizations. One day we had an epiphany. The things we were supporting only provided a band aid to the core problem, and the help these people were getting was a temporary fix. We began supporting the kids at Wears Valley Ranch because children are provided in a practical way while being pointed towards eternal Hope. We believe that faith in Jesus is the most valuable thing anyone can have or hope for. Wears Valley Ranch gives us an opportunity to help vulnerable children learn this Truth in hopes they will cling to this into eternity."

To ensure other children in crisis have a place for healing and hope, you are given the opportunity to let the work of Wears Valley Ranch be a part of your legacy. This fulfills the premise of Psalm 145:4 - One generation will declare Your works to the next and will proclaim Your mighty acts.

To discuss your gift intentions and options, please contact Lisa Radmore at (865) 446-4501 or [email protected].

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Many donors opt to have memorials made to Wears Valley Ranch when they graduate to eternity

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